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3D Ultimate Facelift Treatment

I was lucky enough to spend a day learning the amazing 3D Ultimate Facelift technique from Kieren Bong recently. Kieren has a clinic in Glasgow but lectures world-wide, and is an exceptional aesthetic doctor. He has developed this technique to sculpt, contour and lift multiple areas of the face in one treatment, so of course I was extremely interested to go and see how to do it for myself. The 3D Ultimate Facelift is also known as the ‘Liquid Facelift’.

What to expect with the 3D Ultimate Facelift

Of course the 3D Ultimate Facelift treatment can be adapted to suit the individual, but it will treat missing cheek volume, eye bags, jowls, nose-to-mouth and ‘marionette’ lines all in the same treatment so it is extremely versatile and economical. The procedure can be done alongside other aesthetic treatments, for example with botox to reduce actives lines and wrinkles, or with glycolic peels to improve the overall skin texture. The dermal filler product used for this treatment will be one of the Teosyal range, either the Ultimate, Ultra Deep or new their amazing newer generation RHA fillers.

During the treatment there is minimal discomfort because local anaesthetics can be used and the treatment itself is not very invasive.  Side-effects are usually mild with minimal risk of bruising.  The procedure will take around 45 minutes, meaning it can even be done in a lunch hour. Make-up can be applied almost straight away after too.

You will see an immediate effect with this treatment, but these will improve over the next 2-4 weeks.  The results usually last for 18-24 months, although to maintain the results ideally there should be a retreatment at 12-18 months. By having regular repeat treatments the maintenance costs usually are lower too.

As with all my treatments, a complimentary consultation is advised. If you would like to see me to discuss the 3D Ultimate Facelift treatment further, please contact me.

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