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Skinceuticals AOX Lip Complex

Since early New Year I have been using Skinceuticals AOX Lip Complex.  I often suffer with dry lips during winter, and this is not helped by a week skiing most years and being indoors with the central heating on.  The lip tissue itself is much thinner than normal skin and unlike skin has no way of producing its own hydration.  Lips also lack melanin and they will not go brown in the sun, so they can’t protect themselves from UV damage.   This means that as you age they can loose volume as the collagen in them is broken down.

Skinceuticals AOX Lip Complex is a restorative concentrate for damaged or ageing lips.  It contains hyaluronic acid (the product in dermal fillers), Silymarin and Vitamin E, as well as humectants and emollients to prevent moisture loss and soften.  Silymarin is a powerful antioxidant derived from milk thistle which is used in the treatment of liver diseases and this, along with Vitamin E are what treat the signs of damaged or ageing lips.    These ingredients overall are said to restore moisture, hydrate and soften dry lips, rejuvenate and define lip contours, and reinforce natural barriers against free radical damage.  Certainly the science behind the ingredients would appear to stack up. As with all the products you use on your face it should be followed with a high factor sunscreen.

The product comes in a nice neat, handbag sized pump dispenser.  It possibly dispenses a little more than you actually need so care is needed here, and with cosmeceutical products generally less is more I find anyway.  After 2 months of using it, I can say that my lips do feel plumper, softer and not one bit dry.  Certainly I did not need to reapply lip protector out on the slopes.  I can’t say the border looks any better defined, but this may be because I have regular lip augmentations myself so they are already well-defined.  Skinceuticals say that the results last for around 3 months, but personally I will be using this product on an on-going basis.

Skinceuticals AOX Lip Complex would be ideal for you if you have dry lips, or if you are planning a lip augmentation for use both before and afterward to help with preparation and healing.  It is suitable for all skin types and especially if you have premature lip ageing, or fine lines or blurring around the border of your lips.  If you think you might benefit from adding Skinceuticals AOX Lip Complex into your daily skincare regime, the price is £35 for 10mls and do feel free to contact me.

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