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How Old is Too Old for Cosmetic Treatments?

They say 80 is the new 50, right? With people living longer and longer lives, it’s logical that we want to remain active and look our best for as long as possible and way into those years that were once considered “really old”.

Today, many seniors are still working well into their 70s (or longer) and, certainly, many of that age are busy traveling the world, working out, and simply living it up to the best of their ability.

dental cosmetic treatmentsFor older adults who are still quite socially active or still gainfully employed, looking good is important. However, some seniors are worried about what their friends and family will think about them if they choose to undergo a procedure or two that will improve their appearance.

They think acquaintances will scoff at them if they appear at the next dinner party having obviously undergone some sort of cosmetic therapy.

We say “Poppycock”! No matter what your age, you have the right to feel as good as possible about yourself. You should be able to look into the mirror each morning and say, “I’m looking pretty great for my age!” And if it takes a little bit of help to achieve that, it’s perfectly acceptable.

And, thankfully, many older Brits are thinking in this direction. Here’s why:

  • Work – For those who are still part of the workforce or want to re-enter it, there is a strong belief that looking more youthful plays a part in getting hired. While it may not seem fair to us, it seems to be a fact of life that companies are generally in search of a more youthful-looking workforce, especially among those who interact with the public on a regular basis.


  • Change in attitude – A few decades ago, it was often thought that those who took advantage of face lifts or other cosmetic treatments were trying to defy their age. Movie stars were the most ridiculed, especially those who had obviously undergone multiple facelifts and other such procedures. But that attitude has changed and many older adults see cosmetic procedures as a viable option for looking and feeling their best.


  • Psychological benefits – When you look good, you feel good! Many studies have been done among individuals who elected to undergo a variety of cosmetic procedures and most indicated a high level of satisfaction and an improvement in quality of life after the procedures. Overall, the long-term psychological benefits of looking better and feeling better about oneself were quite apparent.


  • More and easier options – These days, those who want to try aesthetic procedures don’t necessarily have to submit to going “under the knife” in order to see improvements. In other words, a facelift isn’t the only answer to rejuvenating your looks. Procedures such as Botox™ injections, dermal fillers, soft lifts, and mesotherapy are relatively short, are more affordable, and require little or no recovery time.

So, the answer to the question is – unless there’s a medical reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of today’s wonderful aesthetic treatments – you’re never too old to look your best!

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