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Ellansé ™ collagen stimulator

In 2015 I started looking for fillers than just hyaluronic acid for treating my patients.  This was driven by a desire to see some longer-lasting effects for those who find that HA just disappears in no time, and also that I was also blown away by the photos of Nancy Sorrell, who is currently the model for Ellansé™ and looks simply amazing.  I found that Ellansé™ is the perfect choice and is excellent value for money.

Ellansé™ is a collagen stimulator which means that it provides voluminisation by biostimulating the body to produce its own collagen by a process called neocollagenesis.  Because of the specific composition it provides immediate correction of lines and wrinkles, followed by long-term voluminisation.   Ellansé™ has an excellent biocompatibility profile meaning it is extremely safe, and it is totally bioresorbable which means it completely disappears over time.   Ellansé™comes with a 1,2,3 or 4 year correction.  The really clever bit is that the duration of action is predictable and with no change in the product characteristics the effect is maintained for the duration of the correction.

Areas that can be treated include the temples and brow area, the cheeks, noses, nose to mouth line, jaw line, chin and mouth to chin lines so it is extremely versatile.  No skin test is required because the product is totally biocompatible.  The treatment will take around 30 minutes to provide, and as with all my treatments a consultation is necessary in order to ensure the correct treatment is selected.  Post-treatment side effects are low, but there may be some redness, swelling and bruising which should disappear quickly and you should avoid sun or UV exposure for a week after treatment.

If you are looking for a natural youthful appearance I would recommend you consider Ellansé™.

For more information on Ellansé™, visit their website or contact me.


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