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Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth

Have you ever noticed that children have the most beautiful eyelashes? Men, too. What’s that all about? Women use all sorts of products to achieve long, noticeable eyelashes while little tots and our masculine counterparts don’t need to do anything to accomplish that look.

Eyebrow and Eyelash GrowthAnd how about eyebrows? The years have certainly had an impact on what the ideal eyebrow should look like but, nonetheless, we’ve always placed a good deal of importance of having pretty eyebrows that look real, are perfectly shaped, and don’t dominate our face.

Indeed, we turn to both our eyelashes and eyebrows to give our faces that look we’re seeking, the one that gives us confidence and makes us feel comfortable in our skin. So where do we turn when those two facial characteristics aren’t quite right?

What affects our eyebrow and eyelash growth? It’s essential to understand that we can’t always control how our lashes or eyebrows grow. There are a number of factors that affect both.

For example, aging and hormones can have a huge impact on both eyelashes and eyebrows. Stress, genetics, and menopause, as well as systemic diseases such as lupus or hypothyroidism, might cause us to lose those once lush lashes, too.

Often, we’ll turn to the obvious remedies including mascara, tinting, fake eyelashes, or eyelash extensions. However, those who’ve tried long-term use of fake eyelashes or extensions report severe eye irritation and the need to cease this practice.

Some desperate individuals even go so far as to opt for eyelash transplantation, a surgery that takes follicles from the back of the scalp and implants them into the margin of the eye lid.

Sound drastic? It is.

Eyebrow eyelash growth options

At the start of the new millennium, eye drops for glaucoma patients were developed and many patients who used them immediately took notice of their new-found dark, lush lashes.

While most glaucoma patients were not likely worried about their lashes, the side effect of these drugs also didn’t go unnoticed by those looking to develop a serum specifically for the purpose of enhancing lashes.

Hence, study began on the ingredient that seemed to be responsible for the growth – Prostaglandin analogue Bimatoprost, otherwise known as PG. Soon, over-the-counter preparations containing PG were available for those looking to plump up their lashes.

Now, consumers have a huge choice of such products containing PG, available in a wide variety of price ranges and now fairly affordable (when they were first released, they were quite costly).

Be aware, however, that you won’t likely find these products labeled “growth serums”. The bottle will probably say “conditioning serum” for lashes and eyebrows, which allows these PG-containing products to be marketed as cosmetics rather than drugs.

Are they safe?

Anything you put near on in your eye should be well scrutinized. While these serums remain safe for the most part, some negative side effects have been reported including mild to severe ocular irritation, iris color change, contact dermatitis, dry eye, macular edema, and fungal infections.

That’s why it’s important to discuss the use of these types of products with a professional before you begin use on your lashes or eyebrows.

Ask your aesthetician whether the product will work for you and ask for a recommendation for a specific product as you’ll find that there are “fake” serums on the market, which may contain just vitamins and minerals but no lash-enhancing PGs.

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