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Glycolic peels

In this blog I want to talk about the benefits of glycolic peels.  After having my second baby I was plagued by a very odd rash on my face.  It was only on one cheek, and seemed to follow no obvious pattern to indicate it that was an allergy to a product, hormonally driven or some form of rosacea.

I tried a number of creams which were prescribed by my GP that didn’t help other than to temporarily calm down the inflammation.  It would come up and go down of its own accord leaving me both feeling frustrated and self conscious in equal measures.   The cycle went on for around 2 years until I finally managed to get rid of it once and for all.

So what did I do?  Aside from moving completely away from high street branded skincare to cosmeceuticals the thing that made the most difference was having glycolic peels on a regular basis.

Glycolic acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid and these are known for their ability to exfoliate old, dry skin and promote new cell growth underneath.  As a result your skin is left clearer, brighter and with less blemishes or other skin imperfections.

Glycolic can also deal with fine lines, wrinkles and superficial acne scars.   I use the NeoStrata ProSystem Peel System which contains four different strengths of rejuvenating peel  which can be used with a clarifying or brightening booster peel.  As a glycolic peel is a light peel, there is minimal (if any) downtime and they are suitable for mostly everyone which is great news.

If you have pigmentation following the summer holidays or want to boost your skin as we head into the depth of winter consider a course of glycolic peels, and please contact me for further details.

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