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Healthy Summer Skin Begins with Optimal Skin Protection

Thankfully, for the past few decades, there has been an emphasis on the importance of screening ones skin from the harsh rays of the sun. It is no longer believed that being “tan” makes you look healthy.

heliocare skin protectionRather, the media has helped spread the word that sunscreen is essential during times of prolonged exposure, and most individuals now understand that protection is paramount.

Nonetheless, research indicates that the incidence of malignant melanoma has risen a whopping 360 percent since the late 1970s, an alarming number and a wake-up call for those who have long “sunned” without any sort of skin protection.

Skin cancer is the fifth-most common cancer in the UK and cases are split evenly between men and women. While not all cases of malignant melanoma are attributed to excessive sun exposure, many are and a fair number of cases could have been avoided with proper skin protection.

Unfortunately, this cancer also claims about 2,000 lives in the UK each year, far less than other more-common cancers but still a substantial number.

On the positive side, taking the proper precautions can substantially lower your risk of developing sun exposure-related skin cancer. Just a few simple steps keep you safe from the harsh rays that could not only cause cancer but also make your skin appear old and damaged.

Cover up – If you’re at the beach, spread out on the sand, spend a good portion of your time under a brolly, or cover up with a gauzy long-sleeved shirt, sarong, skirt, or long shorts. Be sure your feet are also protected. Most people forget about them and they often get severely burned.

Wear a hat – Choose a trendy summer hat or cap when you’re at the beach, park, or just strolling around town. This is especially important for those with no hair or thinning hair as skin cancers often appear on the head or forehead or on the nose. Wearing a hat can protect all of those body parts!

Take a break – If you’re participating in an activity that keeps you out in the sun for an extended amount of time, look for a shady spot where you can enjoy a respite. Better yet, try to schedule your fun in the sun so that it doesn’t include the hours of noon to 3 pm, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky and, as such, is the hottest and most severe.

Use lots of sun cream – Even a short amount of time in the hot summer sun can result in burning, so plan to carry along some high-quality sun cream whenever you’re out and about. Make sure it’s waterproof and choose one with an SPF factor of at least 30. Creams are better than sprays as the sprays, especially when applied during breezy weather, tend to dissipate and you’ll get spotty coverage.

The Heliocare ™ line of suncare products is exceptional. Heliocare products engage the use of antioxidants to help your skin protect itself against sun-related aging and other sun exposure issues.

Their gels and creams are available up to SPF 90 for ultra-protection. Several different formulas are offered including a spray gel that lands on the skin, not in the air.

Heliocare skin protection also offers make-up (in a compact) in various shades and featuring 50 SPF coverage. It’s oil- and paraben-free and ideal for summer use. In addition, Heliocare sells a fine line of daily use capsules to help you maintain younger looking skin while still enjoying the sun. (Note: you should still use a sunscreen along with it.)

The supplement includes the extract of a South and Central American fern used for centuries as a remedy for skin conditions. Avid users report that their skin looks and feels younger despite exposure to the sun.

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