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Latisse vs Revitalash

Has anyone else noticed how Latisse is now nigh on impossible to get hold of in the UK?  I have been looking into this and I spoke to Allergan last week. Latisse, I am told, is not available in the UK, and it should not have ever been. Hmm. As we all know, we can find suppliers of it via our good friend Google, but this supply chain appears to be behaving a bit naughty. You may be able to find someone willing to supply you with Lumigan on an off-licence basis, but it seems to me that the regulators in the UK do not want people growing their eyelashes with a drug designed to lower intra-occlular pressure.  

For those of us who like our eyelashes a bit longer and thicker without the need for glue and falsies, there is an alternative available, called RevitaLash. Instead of the chemical prostaglandin Bimatroprost (the active ingredient in Latisse), RevitaLash contains a synthetic prostaglandin analogue, alongside some other conditioners and nutrients that can improve the condition of lashes as well as stimulate growth.

RevitaLash also have a product designed for eyebrows. Online reviews of the product suggest impressive results. So I have decided to switch. I am leaving Latisse and the itchy eyes it gave me behind. I will let you know how I get on. In the meantime, if you would like to order any Revitalash products, drop me an email or text.  

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