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Youth-enhancing Treatments Bring Men to the Aesthetician, too!

For centuries, we’ve talked about the beauty of women. Indeed, most of us are familiar with the tales of the world’s most beautiful women in history, like Cleopatra or perhaps Helen of Troy, for example. We hold women up to a certain standard when it comes to looking good and we’ve done this for eons. But what about men?

men seeking aestheticiansSeems that perhaps we’ve been conditioned to believe that perhaps men aren’t as vain when it comes to achieving a young, pleasing look – a look that will not only make them attractive to the opposite sex but will also help them to achieve confidence in the workplace and in their social lives.

But why should men be made to feel less than masculine if they decide to take advantage of the same age-reducing techniques as a woman? We say they shouldn’t!

What a man wants…

Thankfully, men are beginning to realise that the many aesthetic treatments available to women to help them regain a more youthful look are ideal for them as well. More and more, men are confidently walking into an aesthetician’s office and indulging in lifts, Botox injections, dermal fillers, and more, eager to help time stand still…for whatever reason they choose.

In a number of countries, men are the fastest growing segment in the aesthetic treatment market, causing aestheticians to realise that not all clients are created equal. They are needing to make adjustments for their male clients, not only in their physical spaces but also in how they market their services.

Most have come to recognise that men tend to be mostly interested in certain kinds of treatments, most notably minimally-invasive procedures that require little time to administer and a short recovery time.

Also, men tend to admit that they age poorly compared to women, usually because of their disregard for issues such as sun damage. That makes them candidates for many of the treatments that help combat the damage caused by the sun’s harsh rays. In addition, men may also welcome treatments for hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating, which can be embarrassing for either gender.

Finding an aesthetician for men

So what should men look for when shopping for an aesthetician? Certainly, they should find someone who recognizss the unique differences between treating a man and a woman; not only the behavioral differences but also the biological differences in a man’s face, for example.

Larger foreheads, protruding mandibles, supraorbital ridges that are much more prominent than a woman’s – all of that needs to be taken into consideration when performing lifts or injecting Botox® or other fillers.

Aestheticians who treat men have also recognised that they may need to make other changes, including hiring staff with whom men will feel comfortable or even making physical changes, such as designing a treatment room that’s man-friendly.

Are you a man seeking an aesthetician? Call first and ask questions about the aesthetician’s experience in working with men. These days, most are eager to help both men and women look their best, but be sure you’re comfortable with the answers before you take that first step.

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