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Non-Surgical Procedures Make Treatments More Financially Accessible

It used to be that face lifts and other procedures that improve one’s outward appearance were reserved for wealthy, well-known actresses and actors and glitzy pop stars intent on maintaining their youthful images.

Some female thespians have become well-known for “going under the knife” multiple times and there are even many male actors who have obviously taken advantage of what money can buy when it comes to expensive cosmetic surgery.

Non-Surgical Procedures flowerBut these days, thanks to the addition of more and more affordable non-surgical procedures that help combat the natural aging process, men and women of a variety of income levels can look and feel better by spending just a small fraction of what those “stars” have doled out for their ageless appearance.

Anyone over 40 understands the desire to want to turn back the clock, but for decades any possibility of doing that was pretty much out of the question for those with average incomes. Instead, we were limited to those over-the-counter creams and other potions that promised a quick reduction in wrinkles but pretty much only reduced our bank accounts.

Add to all of this the fact that people are now living longer AND working longer, and the need to maintain one’s appearance through and after middle age becomes even more important, especially in a society that is beauty driven.

Thankfully, so many new aesthetic procedures have appeared in the last two decades and many are available at a cost that won’t strain your wallet. While most of us may not classify them as inexpensive, they are so much more affordable than the classic surgical facelift or any other procedure that demands a hospital stay and a fairly long recovery period.

Furthermore, they are wonderfully non-invasive, quick, and require little or no time at all for recovery. Also, the risk of any sort of serious complication is quite low. That’s a win-win situation for those requiring a quick pick-me-up that will improve your look AND your self-confidence.

So whether you’re concerned about forehead wrinkles, hollow cheeks, droopy eyelids, or those two annoying lines above your nose, here’s a list of just a few of the procedures you might consider as you ponder a way to rejuvenate your look:

Silhouette Soft Lift™ – This short procedure helps restore volume and reduce wrinkles. The results of Silhouette Soft Lift can last up to 18 months! It can be used to treat the jowls and cheeks or to contour the face and is safe and has an excellent record of success.

Botox injections – We all get lines from crinkling our skin when we smile or frown. Botox injections temporarily block the release of a chemical at the nerve endings of a muscle to stop it from contracting, hence temporarily reducing – or even eliminating – those unsightly lines. This can be used along with a dermal filler to also remove remaining lines that are present during rest.

Dermal peels – A dermal peel enlists the help of a gentle chemical to remove outer layers of the skin, approving the condition of the skin and stimulating new growth. Several different kinds of peels are available and they are used to remedy a number of different issues, such as lightening age spots or treating sun damage.

Mesotherapy – This French-developed therapy can be used to rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin and stimulate the growth of fresh cells. It involves the use of a series of tiny injections delivered to the middle layer of the skin. The mesotherapy PRGF facial has become popularly known as “the vampire facelift” because it uses extracts of the patient’s own blood to provide growth factors. This reduces the chances of an allergic reaction.

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