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Skincare Specialist Advice

Your Skin and the Changing Seasons

It’s time to face the fact that summer is just about over. We’ll pack up the beach gear, put away the sunscreen, and get ready for a return to “normal” life – a time when things don’t seem quite as carefree as during the warm, sunny months.

skincare specialist advice for winterIt seems that everything changes as summer ushers in the autumn days, and we seemingly become much more serious than we are during those weeks when we’re looking forward to a day at the seashore or some holiday time with family and friends.

Indeed, a change of seasons does affect our mood. It also affects our skin and the way we need to care for it. It’s important to be ultra-aware of the fact that our faces, especially, need different kinds of care through the year, with changes in temperature and humidity affecting many different properties of our skin and, ultimately, impacting how it looks and feels.

Cooler months with less humidity

As you enter the cooler months with lower humidity, you’ll find that the drier air makes your skin drier as well, of course. Gone will be the glow you might have experienced during the more humid summer months.

You may start to notice some flakiness and a flare up of eczema, if you are prone to that problem. So, it’s time to change your skincare routine and replace your summer products with other options. (If you don’t do this, you should!)

Chances are that during June, July, and August you were using a light moisturizer. Now it’s time to change to something much more rich in texture that provides more nourishing properties for your parched skin.

In the autumn, you may not need something as heavy as what you’d use in the dead of winter, but an in-between product is advisable. Ask your skincare specialist what he or she recommends for these autumn months.

Dealing with Dry Indoor Conditions

Of course, with the colder months comes central heating! It’s time for everyone to fire up the furnace during those chilly nights and, later, all day long.

Working or living in a space with dry heat can wreak havoc on your skin. During the winter, we travel from our over-heated homes or offices to our heated automobiles and out into the harsh cold and wind. Our faces never get a break!

While humidifiers can help relieve the drying effects of low humidity, it’s a good idea to stick with extra-moisturizing lotions for your face and to also carry around lip balm, hand cream, and other products that reduce dryness. Remember to moisturize both in the morning and in the evening so that your face both looks and feels like it did during those radiant days of summer.

Getting a Skincare Boost

If you’re unhappy with how your face is faring through any season, remember that there are simple non-invasive cosmetic treatments that can help restore your skin’s youthful look. These treatments are very safe and many of them can help you not only reduce wrinkles but also combat the problems caused by the harsh conditions of the colder months.

Ask Victoria what treatments are right for you and your skin type.


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