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The Perfect Lip

There is much debate over what is the perfect lip. In my mind there is no one formula that produces this as it varies so much from person to person.  Being a dentist, I am used to applying the golden proportion to my cosmetic dental work. It is widely reported that to create the perfect lip, the lower lip should be slightly larger than the top lip, and following the golden proportion ratio.

My experience tells me that this is not always possible to achieve as in many people I treat the issue is one of overall lack of volume, asymmetry or smokers lines.  Therefore achieving the golden proportion is not really that relevant to solving the clients concern. My preference is for a lip augmentation to be subtle, to enhance the natural shape, reduce any asymmetry and provide a well-defined border to the lip with a clear philtrum.   I hate that roll appearance when the philtrum has disappeared due to over-inflation of the upper lip.

In terms of carrying out the procedure, lips are a sensitive area so I always use good amount of topical and local anaesthesia.  Lips also tend to swell up a bit after this treatment, so it should be done well in advance of any major social event, and I mean ideally no less than 3 weeks before.  I only ever use a hyaluronic-acid filler, and permanent fillers should never be used.

I’ve used many different types of filler to create the perfect lip, but my current favourite products for lips are Juvederm Ultra2 and Teosyal Kiss.  Whilst the filler itself is non-permanent and will disappear over 6-8 months you might see a longer lasting improvement in the shape of the lip or asymmetry over time when the augmentation is repeated.  Certainly I have found this to be the case with my regular lip augmentation clients.

One thing is for sure is that the day of the sausage roll upper lip has thankfully long passed, and quite right too!

If you would like to discuss having the perfect lip enhancement, please contact me.

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