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The Silhouette Soft® Treatment

I am very excited to be able to offer the Silhouette Soft® treatment, which is a revolutionary minimally invasive non-surgical cosmetic treatment.
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The Silhouette Soft® treatment is a relatively new treatment that has been developed to provide a natural lift effect without having to go under the knife.  As skin ages it loses volume and tends to sag forwards.

Silhouette Soft® will counteract this and provides a lifting effect plus a regenerative effect without compromising on expression or movement. In addition it will provide smoother and more toned skin due to the regenerative neocollagenesis.  In layman terms this means production of new collagen.

The procedure is done by putting specially designed bidirectional sutures under the skin. Unlike a typical thread lift there are minimal insertion points, which was one of the main reasons why this procedure appealed to me.

The sutures have tiny cones attached to them and these support the tissues and promote the new collagen formation. The Silhouette Soft® treatment can be done quickly and safely, and with minimal swelling or bruising.

Whilst you will have to refrain from vigorous exercise and excessive facial movements for a couple of weeks afterwards, there is really not much else that would be considered to be restrictive.  There may be a bit of redness, swelling or bruising which should quickly resolve.

The Silhouette Soft® treatment works really well for jowls, sagging cheeks and the jaw line.  It complements other procedures too, such as wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers.  It is ideal for those of you who are showing early signs of ageing but are simply too young for, or do not want to consider a facelift.

Some examples of the effect that can be achieved are shown in these photos, courtesy of Sinclair:

The Silhouette soft treatment 1

If you would like to know more about the Silhouette Soft® treatment visit their website or contact me.

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