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Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening
Teeth can discolour as we age, as well as picking up stains from everyday things that we eat and drink. Surface stain can be removed by painless air abrasion and polishing. Tooth whitening involves the uses of a hydrogen peroxide gel to lighten the colour of the enamel of your teeth without removing any of the surface layer. This is a safe procedure, and dentists can prescribe the right strength of hydrogen peroxide for tooth whitening. It stands to reason that to whiten teeth safely, there must be no open cavities or untreated gum disease and existing crowns and fillings will not change colour. For this reason it is illegal for anyone other than a registered dental professional to provide tooth whitening or advise on its provision. I use either a home-whitening tray system, which will whiten teeth steadily and gives the most stable colour change. The trays can be kept and used for any future top-up treatments. For more complex cases an Enlighten combined home-surgery system can be used. This system comes with a B1 guarantee, which means that gels will be provided until the B1 shade is achieved. A consultation is essential, as in some cases preliminary dental treatment will be needed before safe tooth whitening can be provided. For a complementary cosmetic dentistry consultation please use our enquiry form
Cosmetic Orthodontics
This is a branch of cosmetic dentistry which is concerned with correcting misaligned teeth purely for cosmetic reasons and focuses on the teeth visible when you smile. This is a particularly good treatment if you have suffered mild relapse after orthodontic treatment, or you have misaligned front teeth only. Treatment can typically be completed within a short space of time and often much quicker than conventional orthodontics. Examples of the types of braces used for cosmetic orthodontic treatment are: Victoria Holden is trained and certified to provide these orthodontic treatments.  A consultation is essential, as in some cases a more comprehensive approach is needed.
Diamond Polish
This treatment removes stains and build up on teeth with special powders. It is painless and can even reduce tooth sensitivity.
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