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The ‘Vampire Facelift’

Did you see those pictures of Kim Kardashian covered in her own blood? Or Kerry Katona with a swollen puffy face following a similar treatment? Whilst I would not want my clients leaving our practice in that state I have to be glad that the vampire facelift procedure itself is getting some publicity.

I prefer to call it the PRGF facial, but you may have heard of it as the PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) facial. In fact, we have used this method for speeding up healing in our dental patients for some time but more recently at the practice we have been using it for facial aesthetics. I am using the Bti ENDORET ® system and it works like this: we take a couple of vials of your own blood which are then spun out in a fairly heavy-duty centrifuge.

Now for the science bit……after 9 minutes all the red blood cells are at the bottom of the tube. Just above this are the white blood cells, and just above this is the plasma with the highest concentration of platelets. Inside the platelets are tons of growth factors. The top layer of plasma also has platelets but not quite so much or as good quality as the ones below. We fraction off this top layer, to give us the layer below with all the best bits in.

We leave behind the white blood cells, which we don’t want because they will cause swelling and inflammation (think Kerry Katona). The fraction we do want is then activated and can be injected back under the skin on the face, neck, hands. I like to do this with my U225 meso-injector which means the procedure is quick, accurate and moreover painless than with a normal needle and syringe.

The top fraction can be used on gauze to cover the skin while the micro-pores close. As both fractions are from the blood plasma they are yellow, so why Kim Kardashian is covered in blood in her pictures I have no explanation for! But there you have it, simple effective treatment that will replenish your skin, reduce wrinkles, increase luminosity and never ever any allergic reactions because the product used is your own.

To book a BTi PRGF® ENDORET ® vampire facelift, please drop me an email.

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